Failure to rekey or change the locks on your home can lead to insurance claim problems.

Why rekey my home?

Police Lin Graphic for blog

As locksmiths we often deal with physical security concerns. In doing so, you become aware of the complicated interaction between security and insurance matters. For example, if you fail to rekey your new home and then find all of your furniture missing, it may not be a simple matter of making a claim on your insurance!

In the above example, this would be considered a ‘suspicious’ claim for a number of reasons:

1. No signs of forced entry (because it was some prior owner, user, maintenance person, maid, home health care worker etc that had a working KEY!)

2. Furniture theft is suspicious to insurance companies because it “doesn’t pass the smell test” that thieves would just pull up a moving van and clean you out.

3. It would likely be a claim on a fairly new house, with little insurance history behind it.

Rekeying the house doesn’t fix all of those problems, but it certainly would deter the would be thieves and add the element of forced entry into the equation for the insurance investigators who are very good at forensically examining the situation to see if fraud is involved.

A great site that explores many of these fringe areas of insurance is linked below, the analysis of vandalism vs theft related damage is particularly interesting.

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