The highest honor is serving.

I am no war hero or super commando. I was able to serve my country as an American Soldier in many different capacities. However, I feel that my current role as Director of Operations for SystemForward America and owner of the Pop-A-Lock Locksmith franchise in Mobile, Al has enabled me to really begin to pay back my fellow veterans.

Throughout my career at Pop-A-Lock, I’ve looked for ways to attract veterans who needed work or were looking for a business opportunity. We are not a get rich quick outfit and to be successful as an employee or a franchisee requires extreme dedication…but the rewards can be just as extreme.

We passed a huge milestone this year by achieving 15% veteran ownership of our franchises. This came from a broad and persistent push through organizations like Gi Jobs, Fran Vet as well as veteran programs of many franchise brokers. We have recruited personnel from every branch, rank and job skill. This year we added 3 field grade officers alone as franchisees, yet we have also seen returning and retiring NCO’s taking the reigns of their own businesses or taking up locksmithing as trade.

We have returning veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan joining our ranks as technicians and locksmiths who are receiving real world job training that will benefit them and their families financially for the rest of their lives. We have partnered with one of the finest physical security training facilities in the world, Lockmasters Security Institute (LSI), to help us meet the challenge of preparing our returning men and women to have the job skills they need to be successful in the real world. LSI offers a wide range of courses including Professional Locksmith, GSA Safe and Vault, Container Inspection and Pure Automotive.

Lockmasters is fully accredited and many of their courses are Post 911 Gi Bill eligible including BAQ during your stay.

If you are a returning veteran contact us for employment opportunities!

For more information from Lockmaster’s Please visit:


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